[AMA] what should non-developers learn?



Hey! My question is: what types of roles on a startup team should be able to code (apart from developers, of course). Do you think that project managers, operations folk, customer success, etc. should know how? And if so, would HTML and CSS cover it? Thanks!

Codecademy AMA: March 24 2017
Codecademy AMA: March 24 2017

As an engineer, the more knowledge my non-tech teammates have about the development process/tech/languages the better, since there's a lot that happens between a mock and a deployed feature, and understanding what's blocking me/creating friction goes a long way to helping clear the path. That said, there's no one or two languages I'd call out - more like a familiarity with the process and how a feature is expressed as a series of logical operations.

For designers, html and css can be invaluable, and basically 10x their contributions, especially if they can take a 'finished' product and tweak values to their liking.


As a designer at Codecademy, I know that designers also benefit from being able to code ( prototype, frontend, etc.). :slight_smile: