[AMA] What is the best thing you've seen on the internet lately?

It’s not an AMA without a couple water cooler questions, IMHO. So… what have you seen online recently that made you smile or laugh?

I’m pretty well addicted to @IamDeveloper on Twitter. He pretty much nails the inner monologue of an engineer. It also goes without saying that xkcd is everything https://xkcd.com/


Apparently @iamdevloper shut down and this makes me upset https://twitter.com/iamdevloper/

I’m loving The Founder - a game about running a startup: http://thefounder.biz/

It looks deceptively simple, but isn’t.


Maybe this is it? https://twitter.com/iamDeveloper

Here he is!

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lol napoleon dynamite was a weird and funny movie anyways personally i find it funny that somehow a new meme is made every day which keeps me laughing…also funny cat vids :smile_cat:

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That is awesome! I have a feeling I’m not going to be productive at work this afternoon…