[AMA] what do you do after you finish Codecademy

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions, but firstly - Congrats on launching a new product!

What would be the recommended steps after completing CC curriculum to make you more hirable? Is there a good way to get valuable experience or start building your portfolio out a bit, hopefully while also making some money?

To follow up on that, once you have a solid body of work to showcase - how would you recommend actually getting a job? I feel like there’s a new “get hired at a startup” newsfeed ad every day, then there’s the recruiting firms… it’s a bit discouraging to even apply for jobs through traditional means. Thanks!

To some extent, some of your questions are answered in this other thread:

…but I’ll answer your other questions when I can!


I’m guessing you’re a web developer? Or web designer?
If so, your portfolio is really important and it’s the best way to show your skills.

If you’re a web developer or designer I would suggest you go and do a few freelance projects (many sites that you can go to) when you are doing those projects you are gaining experience, it’s something you can mention/show in your resume/interview and you will be earning money.

Remember - Practice, play/test and develop! More experience the better!

Good Luck!