[AMA] What coding resources do you use & recommend



What coding resources (like, a cheatsheet or a guidebook or something) do you use to do your jobs, and which ones would you recommend for new users?

Codecademy AMA: March 24 2017
Codecademy AMA: March 24 2017

I like http://codeguide.co/ for a code styleguide. It's intended for HTML/CSS, but I apply some of the general stuff, such as tab width, to other languages as well :slight_smile:


I have two regular expression cheat sheets in my bookmark bar I use everytime I have to write a regex for the last 10ish years



Stackoverflow is a de-facto reference tool for professional programmers. Its a living guidebook written by programmers for programmers in the form of questions and answers.


Codecademy actually have their own glossaries https://www.codecademy.com/articles/glossary-html


Thanks! HTML and CSS was what I needed, but the others are useful too. Not sure I'm experienced enough for Stackoverflow yet. :sweat_smile:


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been in another meeting! I definitely use the official documentation for whatever language i’m working with a lot.


Flexbox Froggy is a good one for practicing (you guessed it) your Flexbox skills.

CSS Zen Garden is a great resource too.