[AMA] recommendations: music for coding

What do you listen to while working? Would love some music recommendations or playlists. Thanks!

Well, whenever I have a deadline and really need to kick myself up a gear there’s the Pacific Rim soundtrack.

Maybe not a thing to listen to all the time! For a similar purpose there’s the soundtrack from the classic game series Command & Conquer:

One more video game soundtrack also makes me feel nostalgic for good old times, the FIFA series. EA puts a good mix together:


I’m a Zelda fan and a soundtrack fan and a Zelda soundtrack fan, so I’m really looking forward to this coming out next week:


A cross-post from our internal #music Slack channel, I put this together recently:

Be warned that some of these tracks are a bit NSFW so use headphones. Oh and don’t listen to naughty music, kids!

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Also containing NSFW content but we made this for when we have sprint deadlines to hit and courses to ship:

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Robert on Twitter says to listen to http://daveslounge.com/, which is very different from the soundtracks I’d mentioned.