[AMA] how do you protect your source code

Hey I’m fairly new to Codecademy. I was wondering, how do you make a website to learn coding , like this one, without people changing the source code accidentily?

I’m wondering if by source code you mean the code base for the platform… or is this more a Codecademy specific question and you’re wondering about the workspace code that the learners can actually edit in the exercises? Maybe you’ve started playing around with things like Chrome dev tools, but changes made using dev tools aren’t permanent. I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking, could you clarify? :slight_smile:

like how when I edit or write the code in the editor on the main page and all that changes is the webpage or the console, and by source code I mean the code base for the website

Are you referring to how code can be edited in the editor yet it doesn’t change https://www.codecademy.com/ ?

Yes that code. why doesn’t it really change the webpage outside of the console? since I’m doing Javascript.

It’s run in a simulated console. It’s not actually connected much to the webpage, unlike the one in the developer tools, which you can edit the page with (but only temporarily, until you refresh the page and it gets refreshed [redownloaded from the server]).

Making change to our site requires a deploy which can only be done by engineers here, who have access to our servers. The code you are writing on the site doesn’t impact the site itself, so you don’t have to worry!

okay thanks I was just wondering on how the site wasn’t impacted when I edited the code in the course. thanks for the clarifaction!

Yep as both Chris’ say, it’s all on a simulated environment, kind of like a sandbox where it’s safe to mess around and try things. Those learning environments are separate from the Codecademy code that hosts those sandboxes and that provides the learning material, if that makes any sense. :slight_smile:

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