Am stuck


It can't move to the next instruction after successful completion

to move to step 2

Replace this line with your code.


maybe you didn't pass the instruction no.1.
please post your code so we can see it :slight_smile:
can you see a green mark at instruction no.1 ?

can you please post a full screenshot?


yes, there is, now instruction 2 has a wrong mark,

1. is there a way I can start up the whole exercise from control flow?
Because when I asked for code of instruction 2, it gave the codes for 2,3,4 and 5 which i think is impeding instruction 2
2. Or is it a a bug in this section?
3. again I cant see the dark comments section below it in this step..
Please advise, #streak


Don't do all at once you have to do step by step.
first complete instruction no.2 then go for no.3

and you can't have else if after else .
else should be at the end.


ok, thank you,how can i reset the whole so that I can start afresh because it already in no 5?


Below at the right side you can see a button Get Help
click on it :slight_smile:


great, let me try again,hope it ii'l work my 2nd day on frustration


hey @Rcodeman, lastly, please help me with your email address, I need to send you a message,


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