Am I Too Old To Start Coding For Career Change?



I was hoping that someone working within the coding developing industry might give me an honest answer.

I am 38 years old and have recently got the bug to learn to code, my aim is to get the knowledge in as many aspects of coding as i can to put together a website from scratch and change my career path (current police officer),

The question is, am i too old to start this? would someone really employ me once i have learnt the skills?

Any advice would be very much appreciated.


Age is not a barrier. You are the best judge of your ability to learn new things. There is no one best answer for this question.

It would depend upon how well you have prepared yourself for the field, your overall aptitude, your ability to adapt and learn new things, how able and willing you are to work with a team, how easy you are to get along with, etc., etc, etc.


Hello, just thought to let you know that you’re not alone. I have recently turned 49 but I’ve only started ‘coding’ within the last say 5 years. I started learning on a casual (hobby) basis but recently decided to do a pro intensive course (websites from scratch) with the aim to gain the knowledge /skills to build a portfolio and gain freelance work. So far, I have yet to ‘work in the industry’ however I can say that it is never too late to start learning… where you take it is entirely up to you but I do highly recommend codecademy’s interactive lessons as a great learning tool