Am I the only one who finds this extremely difficult


I’ve been doing fine throughout the entire Python course so far but Practice Makes Perfect seems to have had a massive jump in difficulty… I have only gotten a few of them on my own without looking at the code. Has anyone else had the same experience? Are we really expected to be able to solve these without any help at this point?


Nope, you are not the only one.

The practice makes perfect section is really pushing to the next level, which is coming up with a solution (the tricky bit of programming)

Its worth to take your time here. And ideally, when you get stuck come to the forum so you can get an explanation to help you in the right direction, this will teach you more then looking at the solution

after completing the python course, i would highly recommend to do practice makes perfect again


As @stetim94 said, it is much more beneficial (in my eyes) to come to the forums and ask about your issues that you are having, and can then discuss step by step what you can do to find the answer to your problems. Instead of using the ‘get code’ button, which would just give you the answer and force you to miss out on the learning process that is ‘practice makes perfect’ you could come here as I said before and many people would be more than happy and willing to help you out with whatever you need help on!


Def not the only one mate, its realy chalenging, and I think its supposed to be!
And particularly I think its a crime to use the “get code”, cause you’ll miss a HUGE oportunity to learn diferent perspectives to the same problem, its awesome that its this much harder than the previous exercises


yes, its really pushing you to the next level. Which is sometimes needed, and you need to go over everything you learned, and maybe even more! :slight_smile:

Programming is mostly problem solving, which is exactly what is taught in practice makes perfect :slight_smile:

The get code button is indeed a shame, come to the forum, much better :slight_smile:

If you like more challenges, try codewars. I can highly recommend it :slight_smile: There you really have to puzzle together your own solution


Ill def take a look there ^^


Yeah this is killing me. Tricky is one thing but this is just totally discouraging me.


Feel free to go here, and make a new topic with your question. We are happy to help :slight_smile:

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