Am I Taking Too Long to do this Course?

Hello all!

I started this course in January and I’ve been working on it nearly everyday since then. Sometimes only an hour or two in the morning before work, and on the weekends up to 12 hours a day. I’m still only 32% of the way through (although I did finish a python course in that time). Am I taking too long to finish the course? I take a lot of notes… should I not do that in order to speed up my progress? Or am I taking a normal amount of time? I work 75% of the time and I’m a single mother so I don’t feel like I can put any more time in than I do - otherwise I’ll burn out!

I would really appreciate your feedback!

Learning is not really something we can put a time frame on. Given what time you have each day, set out only as much work as you think you can complete, complete it, and go about your day. There is no pressure and no clock. It is better to take all the time you need to do a thorough job of learning so you gain competency. If it means doing less each day so there is time for review and extra study, then that is the thing to do.

One important point to keep in mind is that this is an evoving discipline so the learning never stops. In time you will gain competency, and what’s more, insight, which is what will give you confidence and trigger your imagination when tackling a problem. We cannot do this by rote. It is a process. Don’t put yourself under the gun. Relax, and take all the time you need. Family, home and occupation come first, as well as your own sense of well being.


Thank you, that’s really helpful! I have started to feel quite anxious about how long this course is taking me. I expected to be almost finished by now! I should give myself a break - everyone learns differently. :sparkling_heart:

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