Am I prepared for this course?

I finished the Python 3 Course in full, and it felt really good. I felt like the code I was writing was really mine. I felt confident in my work on my Jupyter Notebooks too. This is the first course I’ve taken following the initial Python 3 course, and I am beginning to feel a bit lost. This code does not feel like mine. Much of it is filled in step by step without my knowledge such as with the Rule-Based Chatbots and therefore I feel skips steps I wish were explained to me. I wish I could fully complete these lessons without any extra code being filled in for me because it only confuses me more. The code therefore just doesn’t feel like it’s my work most of the time. Maybe I am just confused or something. Is there a better course I should have taken after Python 3 to get me familiar with NLP and machine learning algorithms or anything needed for next steps in general?