Am I not cut out for coding?

When I first started out learning Python, everything seemed natural to me. I had no difficulties with any lessons or even advanced challenges, but ever since I started learning about loops, it seemed like there was a spike in difficulty. Now I have to use hints or ask for help on every lesson problem. I have this thought in the back of my head that thinks “Maybe I am just not meant to code.”

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Certain concepts might be more difficult to comprehend/grasp. Nothing strange there. Doesn’t mean you aren’t cut out for coding

Far more important: Do you like problem solving and analyzing complex problems? The satisfaction you get from solving a problem?


I think it’s all about attitude and grit. It’s okay to not immediately understand things or to find some topics harder than others! It’s completely natural and part of the learning process.

It’s how I am with CSS. It doesn’t come easy to me but I’m pushing through because it’s something I want to do as a career.

If it’s something you really want to do, don’t let one setback deter you from your goal.


Thank you and yes, I get great satisfaction whenever I complete a project by myself. It gives me a sense of accomplishment like “Yes, I made this.”


Thank you very much! I will do my best.


Nothing really worth doing comes easy. Take your time and research outside of Codecademy if you need to. Sometimes the same concept or lesson explained in different words is just what you need to make it click.

If you are getting stuck at every step, every lesson, it sounds like your foundation is too shaky. Can’t move on to bigger and better without making sure your basics are rock solid. Do you have a background in computer science or STEM in general? Have you tried Codecademy’s “computer science career path”? This one is more general and touches on a lot of core concepts.

Don’t give up just yet. Not without trying different learning methods, different approaches and sources. We all learn differently and maybe all you really need is more time and a slightly different angle :+1:


Then your attitude is good :slight_smile: Which means you push through barriers if needs be :slight_smile: Even if some concepts are tricky and need time to sink in. Just continue with the course, practice makes perfect :slight_smile:


If I’m being honest, I say the same thing to myself sometimes. (and I’ve been doing this longer).
Then I have to remind myself that learning, like running isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. It takes time and practice to get to running 26.2 miles & you can’t expect to do it immediately, same with learning–one can’t expect to write an algorithm if one doesn’t know how functions work.

Do you happen to take notes while you’re going through the modules? That might help to review what you’ve written in your own words. If you don’t understand a programming concept, then google it to see how others explain the concepts. It will stick.

Also, when you get frustrated it’s important to take breaks and let your mind do something else and then come back to learning. Blocking out the negative self-talk is also important to the process.


Nobody is just not meant to code. I personally believe that anyone can do just about anything if they put their mind to it, unless they have a medical disability or something preventing them from doing so. I am a beginner to coding, and to me it is a little difficult. My main problem though is just the memorizing. Nobody is “not meant to code”. Just stick to it, and I am sure you can get past it!

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I am fairly new to coding. I spent a lot of time pouring over sites trying to learn it. I was so frustrated. Then I found this site and am happy with how easily I have been able to grasp it.

I do have to take a break sometimes when I am not getting a concept or get stuck. Letting sit in my brain for a bit does help.


It’s ok. Coding might seem daunting at first (I myself didn’t code until like 5 months after I made my KA account) but once you sort of understand the basics it is way less daunting and hard. Nowadays I make like 4 graphics a day, at the least.