Am I missing something?


Counting MONTY, with M as 0, then the 5th letter is 0; or am I missing something? Hint says it's Y; how could that be if M is 0? Please help; new to Python. Thanks for your help.


Following this analogy,

| P | Y | T | H | O | N |
  0   1   2   3   4   5

If you want to print "Y' in MONTY, you should go for the fourth index character.


Is "Y" the answer Or "MONTY"


i don't get it i put Y and 4 and a few other tries on this same lesson and i have a issue as well


I had listen to the small notes it gives me when i mess up but it says use MONTY in the code but idk where to use it could you help plz


i don't get it like for real man i am stuck


@misterimposter and @jackieg12

The task is asking to print "Y" (which should be seen on the right half of your screen) and "Y" in MONTY is the 4th when you count from zero ( 0 ).

That is,


I hope this helps now.


| M | O | N | T | Y | 
  0   1   2   3   4


Yes, Thank You. I figured it out after sending the question.


Okay, you're welcome.

Have fun coding! :slight_smile:


Hey, guys. Really do appreciate your help; fantastic of you to respond. Have to let my laptop do some needed updating, and then I will get back to the coding. You might be interested in some of these other sites for all types of courses online; I'm sure your are familiar with them, but if not, they could provide you with a whole new career in CS:;; and Check them out for CS, Data Science, Algorithms, Programming of all types. Thanks again for the help; all the best to you!!!! David Roth, San Antonio.


You're welcome, David Ruth.

I/we hope you get back to coding, soon, after the update is done. :slight_smile:

Currently on a Data Science specialization by JHU on Coursera.

Same here, all the best to you.


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The string "PYTHON" has six characters,
numbered 0 to 5, as shown below:

| P | Y | T | H | O | N |
0 1 2 3 4 5

So if you wanted "Y", you could just type
"PYTHON"[1] (always start counting from 0!)
fifth_letter = "MONTY"

print fifth_letter[4]

Where is the error ??


I was stuck on this for a while, new to python, finished HTML/CSS


You're welcome.

Have fun coding! :slight_smile:


You mixed things up a bit.

fifth_letter = "MONTY"[4]

print fifth_letter


Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. Make it a great week. Take care of yourself.


You're doing a great job. Silicon Valley here we come!!!!


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