Am I missing something?


Maybe I missed something but the error reads...Oops, try again. Do your 
divs have borders that are 2px solid black?

div {
	display: inline-block;
	margin-left: 5px;
	height: 100px;
	width: 100px;
	border-radius: 100%;
	border-width: 2px;
	border: solid;
	border-color: black;


Nevermind, figured it out :slight_smile:

I just compressed it...

border: 2px solid black;


Could you share, what the problem was ??


See @objectrunner68520 has border-width, border-color, instead of border-style he has border.

you can't mix both it either should be border or border-width, border-color and border-style


How could you fix this problem?
I have the same problem as you.

Please give me a hand.


Seriously? Zainabrawat just explained what the problem was, if you need more help, create a new topic with code + error message + question