Am I doing something wrong here and which is the correct way?

So I’m currently doing the very simple HTML exercise where I’m adding a image of a brown bear. The correct code is highlighting that I need to add these quotation marks in but when I go back into my code and add them in and click run it’s still saying it’s incorrect. When I match it up to the proper code it’s now saying I have double “” even though I only pressed it once and my code is only showing one. When I go back to my code again to take it out, it’s saying I need " again. I feel like I’m going around in a circle. What am I doing wrong? Do I add them or no?

Yes, you have to add quotes around the entire link.

can you copy your code, reset the exercise and then paste your code back in?

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Yes, I was gonna suggest the same as Lisa, I had a problem like that with the solution module, broke down the whole thing, had to reload the page a bunch of times and in the end I just copy-pasted the corrected code and it checked the boxes. Like, put the " b4 you paste it back, I mean, and avoid going into the ‘solution’ tab again in this screen :S