Am I able to use the CodeCademy logo?

Am I able to use the CodeCademy logo? If I am allowed please tell me anything that will get me in trouble with copyright laws. I am planning to use this logo on my GitHub pages website ( because I want to give credit to CodeCademy for helping me along the way. If I sound like a noob to copyright laws, that is because I am.

Any answer would be great.

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i would argue that featuring the codecademy logo on your website, to thank and promote codecademy is absolutely fine :slight_smile:

copyright problems only occur when you want to use codecademy’s logo as logo for your own business or website.


Thank you, this has helped

Logos are not just about copyrights, but trademarks which are also protected under the law. Using someone’s logo without a link to the home page of their site would be an infraction, and an infringement of their trademark rights.

When it comes to who should we ask, it is not users of these forums, but Codecademy, themselves. Only they can give out permission for use of their brand. Our opinions here are meaningless and carry zero weight.

The best course of action would be to write to CC corporate with a formal request, and let them dictate how and where their logo can be used.


How do I contact CodeCademy?

Suggest you send a letter to their business address via ground mail. Be sure they have your physical return address and your full name.

To whomever it may concern

Dear Codecademy:

RE: Request for trademark use