Am falling at the first hurdle


Hi there

Am on the 2nd stage of this tutorial and already struggling!

I understand in the 1st step that we create a file, but then when you get to step 2 I dont understand what software or application (if any) we are using to create a git project that we are then able to add the original file into?

Sorry if this is obvious but I just cant see it…




At $-prompt you type
If everything is in correct order you should see
thet your working-directory is
and with an
ls -als
you would only see 3 file’s,
1 with a single-dot
1 with 2-dot’s
1 scene-1.txt

The =sorcerers-code= directory is the =root= of your project
Now you will have to initialize a so-called repository
( repository = a place, or receptacle where things are or may be stored )
( receptacle = space used to contain something )

At the $-prompt you will have to type
git init
( you will get a notification of the initialization )

If you now type an
ls -als

you will a see that a .git directory-file was created…
that will be the repository for the =commited= changes.

For the fun of it
do a
ls -als .git/


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