Always get stock on ruby lessons


i always get stock in every Ruby problem i don’t know why. I try to restart the computer already, to change browser and it don’t matter
it happen always i run the code, special when i use get.chomp.
i always have to get the code like the programs says but it take me a lot of time because the program just stay in loading and stocks completely and i have to make the mistake 3 time to get the code, you know what i mean.
i cant write in the right screen needier so it don’t fix that.
I did the JavaScript lesson already in didnt happen me anytime, it just start in ruby.
By the way i put the code like the instruction say i mean the same as when i get the default code from the program it is tell me is bad is an error, and i just put the default code who the program give me and it tell is okey. and i was like omg what is coming on?

puts "Pleathe enter a thtring: " 
user_input = gets.chomp.downcase!


We’ve received word that the engineers have resolved this issue. Copy your code, reset the exercise, refresh the page and past your code back in. Try Run. If the problem still persists, please report back here.


i am facing above problem again with my code… please help


The program is waiting for input. Enter in a word with at least one Capital letter.


That’s the problem , i cant input anything
Screen gets hang


What browsers have you tested this in?


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