Alternative to pip install

is there an alternative to pip install or any software that has all the packages installed so that i don’t have to pip install anything. i came across pip install during an off platform project in python in codecademy.

does anaconda/miniconda have all the packages installed

Given the amount of packages in existence and the varying quality, you don’t want to install all the packages. You install the packages you need for the project, that is why package managers exists

I mean, you don’t go buy a new laptop and demand that all the software in the world would be installed on it (90% you will very likely not use)

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i guess that makes sense but is there an alternative way to install packages other than using pip. i mean pip feels a little complicated. i was wondering if there was some software that like shows me what i have installed and also shows the the list of stuff available to download.

There might be other package managers, but they are very likely similar in complexity and pip is the most common python package managers

in the docs you can see we can search and list installed packages:

pip list - pip documentation v21.2.2
pip search - pip documentation v21.2.2

you can also search for packages on the pip website, and maybe there are other GUI tools?

Programming isn’t always easy.

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when you are working on your own projects, there is an alternative called poetry, which isn’t a package manager necessarily, but combining poetry with a well-written pyproject.toml file can provide a cleaner and more reliable workspace than managing multiple environments with pip and pyenv. You can find more information on Poetry at their website, and (self-promotion warning!) I wrote a mini-tutorial on poetry here.

As far as my tutorial, if you see anything lacking or think I wasn’t clear enough on something, I appreciate feedback. In my experience, Poetry is not very well documented, so trying to figure out how many of the different functions work can be hard when you are still learning it.

For codecademy, you will be stuck using pip, pyenv, and other, less elegant tools since those are the current defacto standard and Poetry is still too new for most people to be willing to switch to. It’s not until you get to doing off-site projects where you can really unleash the full power of Poetry.

Oh, and an important note: conda, the back-end to the Anaconda tool suite, is a completely separate system from Poetry and pip, so if you use Anaconda or Jupyter, you should stick to that suite of tools, please do not try to install Poetry and use it inside a conda environment, I cannot help you if it goes wrong, and I don’t think the Poetry team will, either.