Alternative node.js


Hi all, I’m not able to download Node.js at work and I was wondering if there was a non-admin alternative for this? I have access to Eclipse Neon 4.6 from work but wasn’t sure if that would work.
Thanks in advance!


Not able to download, or install? And what prevents you?

If you just need js, then it’s in your browser

If you mean that you need admin privileges to install, a bit of googling suggests otherwise

Otherwise connecting to a remote machine with node installed, that could be a service like cloud9 or or a machine you’ve set up yourself

If you’ve got node installed in eclipse in some way then you’re the one best positioned to figure that out.


Not able to complete the installation because at work we are restricted from installing certain things and Node.js requires admin privileges to install.
During my pre-work setup for one of the CA intensives it requires you to get Node.js and I was wondering if there might be another program that I could use that didn’t require the admin privileges to install.



Well that depends on what you plan to do with it, if you need node you need node

Eh. Does it though? You’re probably just trying to write in a directory that you don’t own. Put it in your home directory and better yet skip the installer altogether


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