Altering amount of spacing between lines?

How do I alter the separation between a headline and the paragraph
text?? For example, in the Resume exercise, I had my name as an

headline and my address, phone number and email address as a

. The programming automatically puts an empty line in between my name and the rest of the text; I want my address information on the next line immediately below my name, without any spacing in between.

How does this happen?


Hi @stlpm

What exercise are you referring to? Please put a link of it.

miniapple …
This is from the “old” HTML & CSS" course, which was just recently replaced. It is the final project.

Everything came out the way I wanted it except for the spacing between my name and my contact info. It comes out as:


Contact Info

when I want it to be:

Contact Info

You need to use the line break element <br>.

There are only a few cases where this is acceptable in HTML5, two of them being poems and … addresses :slight_smile:

Street address<br>

Make sure you look at the HTML5 spec and don’t start plastering <br> elements all over your pages :slight_smile:

Most of the time you should be using the CSS property line-height, so have a play around with that too :slight_smile:

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