Alt attribute will not show text when mouse is over image

O.K. I a trying to add the alt attribute to the img element.

The example to me is a little confusing it shows an img src name set to # and an alt value of a field of yellow flowers. I am assuming that to add the alt attribute to this image I just place the alt value at the end of the img element. I am assuming that because the src value is already named with the url that I do not need the src="#" value in my code.

What have I missed in this exercies?

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That's a big bear

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it’s not good to use alt attribute as a tooltip use title instead.

it’ll only work in internet explorer 7 or earlier version as a tooltip when mousing over the image.

For more information see here and here

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Thanks RC, I finally found a youtube video that showed me another example. If you mis-name your image it shows your alt text where the image would be. I get it now. Thanks for the quick reply.

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