Alright, we get it, people got somewhere with Codecademy, stop it!

Who at Codecademy thought it was a good idea to spam emails twice a day to all their users about all these people who became successful after using Codecademy? I get it, people paid for Codecademy and got a job with a cool name, how many more of those do you feel the need to hammer into our brains? It’s insane. Please stop it already.

you can try the mail settings:

Otherwise you can also make filter rules in the email program you use


Hey @numbermaniac, thanks for your candid feedback. We’ve heard from a good number of Codecademy learners that these success stories are motivating and inspirational, and that we should share more. But because I am also a human being with an email inbox, I understand getting too much of a good thing is not good. I second the suggestion made by @stetim94 to edit your email settings as necessary. If you have any other feedback about Codecademy’s marketing, I’m here for it. Please DM or write our support team to share at Thanks again.

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