All my progress has been lost


When I logged in to my account all my progress on 'make a website' had been lost, and there was no evidence of any work. I have only ever logged in on this website not using a google account or any other account, just my codecademy account. When I started again the interface of the 'make a website' course had changed. Please may I have help/answers to get my progress back. Thank you


Are you still seeing the Airbnb project or are you seeing Ollie's Bike Sharing project?


I am doing 'Make a website'


The new course is also called "Make a website"

Please check the URL if its:

New course:


Old course:


Make a website was rewritten, so it's now a new course, which you haven't progressed in, that's why there's no progress.


That course is in the process of being replaced. If you were previously seeing the Airbnb version and are now seeing Ollie's version then you have been switched already.

If you are still seeing the Airbnb version then that is a different problem.


formaly i had completed make a website, but when i logged in i noticed no progress the make a website was changed, can i get my progress back please


Is this regarding the new course ? As this thread is regarding progress of the old Make a Website course.