All lessons already solved?!?

It is really annoying. It seems that all questions / problems are already solved. I am currently at “CSS: An Overview” but have also seen this as I have retraced my steps all the way from the beginning to working on new lessons. I’ve seen a similar post about this for jQuery. Something needs to be done.

I am going to move this to a more suitable place on the forum where you can get admin help

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I am also having this problem.

@mtf @albionsrefuge, any idea how this could be?

I don’t know how that could happen.

@atimw36, @textace72054 – are these exercises that are already filled in marked completed as well?

I had no idea either, or who to ask. I moved it here because i thought it would be more suitable then html + css forum where i found it

That would be @alexcommunitymgr :smile:

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Yes. In fact, even the next lesson is 100% marked completed for me when I click into the lesson. However, on my profile it has me starting at lesson 11 for the introduction because I only just started the JQuery tutorial the other day and stopped when I had this problem.

Hello all, apologies for any inconvenience.

If you can share as many details as possible including screen shots, which lessons and where in the lessons…etc. then I can formalize this and get it to our engineers. :smile:

Thanks for your help with reporting this issue and for your patience!

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager

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Hi @alexcommunitymgr,

So for this first picture, I went through and hit submit on the intro lesson to go to the next lesson. This is what it shows when I click the menu to choose a lesson. I did not complete these sections yet or even open them.

What happened the other day was I opened the JQuery intro lesson, and started reading through the lessons and completing them. I don’t remember where specifically it started happening, but it definitely started by lesson 11 in the Intro. Today, I logged in and came to this screen after going to the home page of Codecademy home and clicking continue on the JQuery lesson.

Then I click next. The page asks me to complete a couple of tasks. When I went to add the script tag, I noticed it was already there.

I clicked save and submit and it said I completed the lesson. I then noticed this happen for the rest of the section. Beyond the intro lesson and the lesson after, I didn’t check and I came to forums to see if anyone else had this problem so I’m not sure what the full impact is.