All HTML elements are selectors


in this section i am stuck
instructions:Change the entire HTML body's background-color to #C6E2FF.

do i do this in html, if so how?


You really do not likes this, do you?

You do this in css (stylesheet.css)

remember we talked about links? (<a></a>). body is this html element: <bod></body>, so what do you think the css selector is?


no i dont, i think this is to sophisticated for my age cos it is very hard so sorry if you see alot of posts from me cos no one i know knows how to do this.u r literly a life saver cos without you i would probably be stuck on like the first one. thanks so much for the help.eventhough u probably will get another post from me cos this is seriously hard [schools really need to think about what they are making kids do]

and thanks


is this right:

body {


general css syntax:

selector {
  property: value;

now the selector is correct (body), the property (background-color) and value (#C6E2FF) are also correct, but after the property there should be a colon (:) not a equal sign (=), also you could put a semi-colon after the value, this is needed when you have multiply property's + values


thank you so much, it worked!