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Hi, need help. I don´t know why the plataform is different and the language, all is changed, and the course is beginning. I was finishing HTML y CSS. I don´t know what happened.

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HTML and CSS programming courses have just been updated by codecademy. All progress has been lost and the old courses have been replaced with the better new courses. Codecademy has been warning everyone about this for weeks. Go over to the Codecademy blog if you want to see the update times and past updates.

the html and css course still exist:

but the layout is renewed, then there is the new course:

see bibleman13 answer.

@bibleman13, i can still access the old course?

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Well, I assumed since Codecademy said that the old courses would be replaced indefinitely and that all progress would be lost once the old courses would be replaced. I have not taken HTML and CSS yet so yeah I am not just looking at the courses xD

True, but so far it seems the old course is still there. There are even still question on the html and css forum with content of the old course, so it seems the course hasn’t be removed, and progress is still there. seems they got a bit behind schedule

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Ok. Good to know! Yeah I hope everything turns out smoothly for them even if they encountered problems or such. But yeah I bet this will not be the last guy or gal posting about progress lost xD

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