All exercices, test and projects done and I'm still at 80% of progress?

I have a pro account. I have done the two exercices (Sizing element) and (Media queries) with success (every box checked). I have made the test with 100% result. And I have complete the Tsunami Coffee project (all box checked with success). Then, there is nothing left to do. Why this course still appear at 80% progress, not 100% ?

You might want to log out and log back into your account.
Else try emptying the browser’s cache? Or check with another browser what the % is.

If you’re convinced you achieved 100%, then it’s 100%.
It might just not have been updated client-side yet.

I have tried to log out and back in again but I’m still at 80%. I have logged to my account with another device and it stay the same. I have asked an adviser and they have no idea what’s the problem. They say I have done all there is to do. So, let’s say the course is all done!