All courses are going to be the only PRO?

I see there are many courses are now only for PRO users even no more several lessons for warm-up. There are many references over the Internet where people suggest codecademy as good and free platform to start to learn to code. How I (we) see it won’t be anymore :frowning:

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Hi @perk-one, Codecademy remains committed to teaching the fundamentals of programming to learners, for free. Our free product is built to teach you everything you need to know about being a programmer, point you in the right direction toward what you want to accomplish, and help you organize and keep track of your learning experience.

We’ve reimagined our free product to be introductory and accessible so all learners can get started with ease before advancing to more complex content in Codecademy Pro.

This change will allow us to continue expanding our curriculum, create even better learning tools, and extend our reach to new markets.

We’re as committed as we’ve ever been to making Codecademy the most accessible place for world-class tech education, so just about all of our introductory courses will remain free.