All code passes


I’m currently doing Learn Python 2 and since the Loops chapter I noticed all code would pass the exercise, even when I remove all code and randomly type some jibberish. For example in Exam Statistics I insert random letters and it still passes even though an error is shown:

If I reset some earlier exercises it does the same thing in Learn Python 2, but when I check another course it doesn’t happen.

edit: tested on Chrome and Edge


Have you reset your progress for this course in the past ?


Yes, but I did not come this far last time.


I have this same issue. I am on section 4 “Functions” and this problem is happening. Hope you get this resolved as I am in the same boat!


I have this same problem with 4 functions chapter. If someone knows solution for this issue, please let as know :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Me too! I’m in the While module in python 2. Every answer, including gibberish, seems to be correct. Hope this gets fixed soon!


Hello, and welcome to Codecademy!

Please be patient. I think @sonnynomnom should be able to fix this problem.


It’s fixed! Did nothing myself though. @trevorhodges, @sonnynomnom did someone fix it on the Codecademy backend? And can you verify what was the problem for future reference?


wait @trevorhodges im just here for the c++ :slight_smile:


Who’s in charge of the other courses then?


a lot of them are not on here. we usually look at the bug reports (the Submit a Bug Report button on each exercise).

i use the forums because it’s freaking fun :slight_smile:


Yes, I must say it can be fun at times, and others not as much. My work relies on your courses for knowledge, so I will Report Bugs there instead for you exempt for C++. If you think the forums are fun, I do complaints here if you want me to.