All code GONE


I’ve been coding HTML/CSS for the last 3 months, and was just coding a couple of days ago. Today when I continued to codecadamey I realized all my code/work was erased! It just redirects me to the introduction of HTML, and says I have 0% done. I still have my badges, but bottom line: all my progress has deleted.


this has been announced in several places including the blog:

which informs of the new course and the progress getting lost of the old track.


what about PHP? do you have any info on it? is it coming back? because i dont see it on the blog and its not there on the website :frowning:


Its in the blog:

Starting August 19th, 2017:
Removal of old HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Make an Interactive Website, jQuery, and PHP courses


Yes i saw the removal but as i can see it’s not coming back like the rest of the courses. Rip PHP.


Then there are no plans to make PHP return for the moment.


Yeah. I browsed through the new html/css course and it sucks compared to the old one. The css course seemed to have more meaningful projects, which are really helpful with active learning, but still lacks the substance of the old. I just signed up to the pro course for the projects but thinking about reversing course.