Aliases II

I have entered the Aliases for history and ls -la but I cannot progress , I have saved the new aliases using nano but I cannot get past step 2


It’s possible the testing is a little strict, avoid any empty lines in the text file and add only those two alias commands exactly as they’re written, save and make sure to hit enter in the console when complete. Although it’s technically the next step it may be worth sourcing the file and making sure they work as expected in case there’s an issue with the text itself.

If it’s still not working (perhaps try resetting this lesson and only this lesson first) you may need to add some details about what was added to the file at ~/.bash_profile.

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How do I reset just the lessons , I can only see an option to reset the entire web development course.

Unfortunately, I believe you can’t reset lessons on the command line course due to the nature of it working with the terminal rather than a code editor.

Once you’ve exited nano and are back in the terminal, press the Enter key onto a new line.

Did you follow the above instruction? Checking the hint may also help just to double-check that what you’ve written in the bash profile is correct.

You might also consider trying to close the current terminal session and open a new one. At the top of the interactive pane, close the “bash” tab and open a new one.

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