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I went through every step and then entered clear and I get this message now. I’ve tried redoing the entire lesson but I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

$ source
bash: source: filename argument required
source: usage: source filename [arguments]

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Capture (Throw away)


if we run:

source --help

we can see:

source: source filename [arguments]

that the source command requires a filename, because the source commands executes from a file, this allows us to make to change (for example to bash profile) and load those changes (using source) so we don’t have to login out/log back in/reboot the entire system!


So, does that mean my mistake is not adding the filename or am I completely off? I’m a wee bit lost.


yes, you didn’t specify a file(name), a file(name) must be specified for the source command (the error says as much)

maybe you need to look into what source does?


maybe you need to look into what source does?

Yeah, I think you’re right. thanks for the help.


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