Aliases II - fix for step 2

Reset Exercise by going to Get Unstuck - Reset Exercise
Step 1:
nano ~/.bash_profile

step 2:
make sure you have this 4 lines - you can copy and paste with mouse if you’d like.

echo “Welcome, your name”
alias pd=“pwd”
alias hy=“history”
alias ll=“ls -la”

once done, CTR O(save),ENTER,CTR X(exit)

step 2 continued :

source ~/.bash_profile

step 3:
source ~/.bash_profile

step 4:

step 5:

let me know how that worked for you.

some of us like me already messed up the exercise unknowingly many times… trying to save the bash file and resetting the exercise while the only thing remains activated from previous exercise is echo and pd=“pwd”… The bash remembers our last settings and activation from previous, it isn’t going to work as we expected after many tries we try following instructions without activating first the bash new settings with ‘source’ - trust me it confused me allot.

even if we saved it right this time. we had to ‘source’ to activate… try using my guide and hopefully it works for some of you.

‘source ~/.bash_profile’ :
this command, activates the changes in the bash profile for the current session.
Once the alias is made available in the current session through source only then you can move on to step 3.

i want you to notice at the next exercise Environment Variables to ENTER when they ask you to at the bash text editor 2nd instruction. the reason is that when nano ~/.bash_profile you’ll notice no previous settings has remained, thus activating is not necessary straight away.
we only use source to activate at the current session. if anything got messed up you shall try source the second you exit after saving the file.