Aliases II 5/11 Step.2

No matter what I do I cannot pass this step… Does anyone know if there is a video tutorial for this step out there? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

That step is to add a line to a text file, a very basic task, don’t you agree? What’s stopping you?
Whatever is stopping you is probably something that you can ask about or google.
There are definitely lots of tutorials and what not on how to edit a text file, and they are a search query away from you.

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I was typing export USER=“Jane Doe” in alias like it says to do.

Instead do this

1: nano ~/.bash_profile “hit enter”
2: export USER=“Jane Doe”
3: Then Control + O 'hit enter key" Control + X and type clear


It says to open a file and add a line.
alias isn’t an interactive program, you can’t type in it. :confused:

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In the bash profile, beneath the aliases, on a new line, type

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