Aliases I, step 2: The system doesn`t respond to the commands

Greetings to everyone. Im working on Aliases 1, step 2. Im putting the command for step 2 but the system is not processing it. Im typing alias pd=“pwd” and following the steps from the hint but the terminal is not responding to the command. Im having hiccups with this and it is not allowing me to move on and finish the lesson. The URL is : Thank you bye.


Can you walk through the steps you took. For example, did you source the file in the terminal after you made the changes?

One way you can read your file without opening it is
cat <filename>

this will confirm your file is correct.

Then you will want to

source <filename>

Hi. No I didn`t source the file. I just typed the command alias pd=“pwd” and the terminal isnt responding. I keep getting this error message - Make sure your alias is named pd, for the ‘pwd’ command.


The directions expect you to edit your .bash_profile, so make sure you’re doing that. It’s where you save the alias so it can persist later.

nano ~./bash_profile

will open the nano text-editor to the bash profile file and you can type the command and save it there.

Then source it (after quitting the text editor):

source ~/.bash_profile

and finally test out your command.

If the lesson is acting finicky try resetting it or refreshing the page.

I tried all of that and it still don’t work


If you type in the terminal

cat ~/.bash_profile

and you get

alias pd="pwd"

then you just have to

source ~/.bash_profile

If nothing comes out after the cat command it means your file didn’t get stored. If your file is saved and it still doesn’t work try resetting the lesson. If still it doesn’t work I would write to the CC support team (I’m just a regular civilian on the forums). You can still skip ahead with other items in the mean time and also study command line basics with other resources as well!

(here are some tutorial pages : UNIX / Linux Tutorial for Beginners, Bash Guide for Beginners)

Hi there…Thanks a mill for looking out…I typed cat and nothing came out…It says no such file or directory…I never stored it.

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