Alias 2

In the bash profile, beneath the aliases, on a new line, type

export USER=“Jane Doe”

Feel free to use your own name.

Save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename.

Exit nano.

Finally, clear the terminal.

so i did that. but it isnt checking the box and allowing me onto the next step. why?

Can you take me through the process of what keys you’re pressing, or what you’re typing at each step? That can help to identify the problem :slight_smile:

export USER= “Jane Doe”
Ctrl O
Ctrl X
ive already done it a good 3 times

and ive tried reseting the file just to try again and when i did the program recognise USER “Jane Doe” but the box didnt get checked

Are you typing this in first before doing anything else? nano ~/.bash_profile
then type in the first line and continue to do everything else

(make sure you spell things right also)

yeah, ive done that
maybe its a bug?

echo “Welcome, Jane Doe”
alias pd=“pwd”

alias hy=“history”
alias ll=“ls -la”
export USER= “Jane Doe”

this is what comes up

Shouldn’t be, try to refresh using either (f5 or ctrl + f5) you will have to re-try it again after. If not im not sure whats causing it.

@stetim94 anything I’ve missed ?

alright, thanks.
i think ill just try it again later and see if it works then.

I had the same problem. Many attempts later I deleted all previous Nano edits and removed space "USER=“JaneDo” and it worked