Alert! Please '.capitalize' the title inputs from users


Hi guys! I'm David.

I've just completed 'A Night at the movies' and i'd like to call your attention to the need to use '.capitalize' to well, capitalize user inputs for movie titles.If a user types the titles in lowercase letters, the program reads it as a movie that is not included in the movie hash. Even though you get a pass to the next lesson, I was still kind of worried that sometimes the code didn't perform as expected.

'title = gets.chomp' should be 'title = gets.chomp.capitalize'

The sample code in '1. What You'll Be Building' also has the same problem. If your code doesn't perform as expected, this might be the reason so beware!.

movies = {
Truman: 4,
Excort: 3.5,
The_final_member: 3,
Haze: 4,
Electrify: 3
puts "Welcome! What would you like to do today?"
puts "--Type 'add' to add a movie"
puts "--type 'update' to update a movie"
puts "--type 'display' to display movies"
puts "--type 'delete' to delete a movie"

choice = gets.chomp
case choice
when "add"
puts "Title, please."
title = gets.chomp.capitalize
if movies[title.to_sym].nil?
puts "What's the rating?"
rating = gets.chomp