Airplane Wildlife Strikes

Hi there
I’m close to finish the BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DATA ANALYST path and in the Tableau Chapter I got many issues regarding the files to practise with.
For example, for the Airplane Wildlife Strikes Project, where the downloaded file is the one attached, I don’t see the same as what is shown in the video solution.
Here is what I see

Am I doing something wrong? Same happen in other previous exercises of the same module.


What is the link to the lesson?

I will say that Tableau updates their app quite often and whatever the current version is, it’s not the same one that was used when this course was created…so, they won’t look the same.

This is the link

And this is what’s shown in the video solution, with the fields that look different (just from the upload)

You’re looking at the FAA Wildlife csv file. If you want to view the fields from another csv file, you have to select it and the fieldnames will show in the main window. Above the “Fields” section, the “Name” is the wildlife strikes csv, not the passenger csv file.

Also, if you want to connect the two csv files, you have to create the relationship yourself; select the fields to connect both csv files. (Think of it like joining tables w/SQL and primary keys and foreign keys). Tableau used to automatically create a connection between csv files, but now the user has to do so.

Also, one thing I highly recommend is to always save your work while using the desktop version of Public Tableau. You can configure the settings on the web app to hide the data viz while you work on it. Sometimes PT is wonky and users have trouble saving their work. Better to save it gradually, than to lose everything. (I speak from experience on this! :frowning: )

Hi Lisa, thanks for the reply :grinning:
Yeah, I get what you mean regarding connecting the 2 csv files, but if you look at the 2 images I uploaded, in both of them (On the Metadata and Data Preview) the file is the csv FAA-Wildlife-strikes; and in the first image the name of the columns are “F1”, “F2” and so on, and in the other, they are “Wildlife: Animal Category”, “Wildlife: Species” and also the values (fields) differ.


Did you remove that csv file, or re-download the file and update it in Tableau? Have you moved on and been able to do the project?