AI with JavaScript?

Is machine learning or AI possible and efficient with JavaScript?

Maybe there is very slim change its possible, but its more likely that you will win the lottery.

Javascript is not a suitable language for Machine Learning. If I could choice the language, frameworks and libraries to write an application involving machine learning, JS wouldn’t even feature on the list of choices

use the right tool for the job, don’t try to use a tool for a job is isn’t suitable for.

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So what would be the appropriate tool for this job?

There are dozen blog post covering this question. I would google something like:

which language machine learning

amazing, I found an article where JS was used for Machine Learning. Surprising. Seems people know one language and want to use it for everything.

I mean if you are familiar with one language it’s natural to explore its boundaries rather than learning a new language to carry out a task :slight_smile:

Learning new languages becomes a lot easier after a while. Learning new tools will make you a better developer. It gives you a better understanding of pros and cons of a language, and why certain languages are better fits for certain purposes. Resulting in better maintainable code base in the long run.

JS has just explored its boundaries, its gone far beyond them.


Yes this is true, but only to an extent. The further out you get from a strength of a language, the more it feels like reinventing the wheel. It really pays to have the ability to work at least moderately ok in a few that interrelate.

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