AI-Proof Programming

Rookie here, finally decided to jump into the trenches.
Need some advice from the Vets.

I quit school after 12 grades due to several reasons and i’ve always wanted to become a programmer. All i know about programming at this point though is HTML and a little bit of CSS.

What language should i master that could future proof or in other words AI proof my career? And what path should i take to learning everything step by step?

Idk if its a stupid question but here goes nothing

What is it that you want to do or build? What subjects are you interested in? Do some research on that and you will find out what languages you need to learn.
Also, while your story is different, check out other learners’ stories in this category b/c you may find some similarities & there’s a lot of good advice there too.

I think a way to getting “AI proof” is being “AI master” at least to some extend. AI is not neglectable in the future - and already not - . Be it a web developer, or a data scientist, should have a good understanding about AI. And also, all in all AI creates a React snippet for you for example but there is still a need for people to evaluate it, at least for a long while before AI takes all of the process of development from us. If you are planning to be a front-end developer, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are must have in your toolbox. And these are just the foundations. Popular JS libraries like React are becoming must have nowadays. If you are interested in the back-end, NodeJS or Django frameworks along with NoSQL databases like MongoDB or an SQL database like PostgreSQL could be good choices. You can also consider becoming full-stack dev. No matter which one you choose, enroll in a career path in this platform and they will guide you and teach well. For the web development, also MDN and offical docs of for example React, will help you go a long way.

And, do not forget the enjoy.