After Tip Calculator, I'm prompted to re-take the quiz from the lesson before Tip Calculator

I click on “Up Next” at the bottom right and I’m prompted to take the quiz or skip it. When I select the option to take the quiz, I’m taken to a blank screen where my options are “Retake Quiz” and “Cancel.” When I select “Retake Quiz” I’m taken to the first quiz, for the lesson before Tip Calculator.

Now that you selected to retake the quiz, you may need to do just that. Check to see if you are still credited with having taken it. If so, ignore. Use the top navigation to return to the course page, or your dashboard, and resume from there.

There could be a glitch that does not recognize you took the quiz already, or the order has changed from the normal flow. Difficult to assess. I’ll move this to platform problems. Perhaps someone on the tech end will discover a trend and spot the error (if one exists).

Last lesson of Tip Calculator

Modal offers two options…

Python Syntax - Take Quiz
Strings & Console Output - Start Lesson

Take Quiz

gives two options. Trying ‘Cancel’. Jumps to first lesson of Strings …

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