After python3 , i want to enroll data structures and algorithms

After python3 , i want to enroll data structures and algorithms. But , it seems that those courses are not here.
I am from CSE student, I feel still i cannot code from my own, everytime when i learn to code ,i search for beginners tut.
Help me guys, why i can’t solve from my own thinking?
Comparing with some of my friends, i feel shame, they can code easily.

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Welcome to the discuss codecademy community.

Don’t worry, that happens to everyone, the beginning is always hard, when I learnt python (it was version 2.7 back then), there was a collection of lessons called “The student becomes the teacher”, and I couldn’t do any of the “tests”. But after that I wanted to make a game in python, and so i went for it and I was able to do it no problem, when you’ll want to do something you really want, you’re going to do it no problem.
And if you need to google something while coding that’s completely alright, I do the same thing when coding, because i forget a lot of things. (but since i learnt coding while understanding what things do i only have to google specific functions and such, below is about this way of learning programming)
And if you feel like you can’t code on your own I’d recommend going back to the basics, retaking the lessons and understanding why the things are like that, it helps a LOT trust me, then you’ll be able to learn other languages much easier.
Back in the day i was learning programming and python, and i remember that I was learning the basics, and at importing I kept repeating from datetime import datetime I didn’t understand how it worked, and I couldn’t use it properly, but then I understand-ed it and how it works and I could import the date module in any other language(of course i would have to look up what the module is named in the language i would have wanted to import the module in)

I hope this helps :grinning:


ok , i will try to finish this python3 first, and try some more lessons, but this pro account, they are not giving me for lifetime access , only for 90 days. So sad, i really love codeacademy how they teach me.

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