After learning HTML, is learning CSS necessary to learn before building a website?

I just finished learning HTML. Was wondering if I need to learn CSS as well before building a website?

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Yep, they go hand in hand. CSS handles the presentation of the HTML. It’s what makes websites “pretty”. Or, if you’ve seen some terrible sites…not so much.

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I’d say it really depends on what you want to do with the knowledge. For example, if I were:

  1. to build a few pages with my kid: I never formally learned HTML or CSS but it didn’t stop me from building my websites with the help from a search engine.
  2. to tinker with my WordPress theme: I’d still use search engine to look up CSS.
  3. to build a portfolio: I’d start learning CSS right away and in addition, I’d be learning JavaScript. In fact, I’d learn HTML + CSS + JavaScript in unison. Build on your practical skills:
  4. to work for a company: I’d do the three (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and start learning frameworks, for example bootstrap, vue for front-end and things like CSS preprocessors.

Hope it helps)