After learning basics in programming languages like java, what is next. how will you learn the full concept

after learning basics in programming languages like java, what is next. how will you learn the full concept

The “full” concept is a life’s journey.

What you can do is continue a full approach to your study of programming. It’s hard to glean from your sentence what you mean by basics. Regardless I’ll suggest some possible routes:

  • try to come up with ideas with projects with the tools you have, pick a doable one and follow through on completing it.

  • find reference book material that expands your base knowledge of java/general programming. For example, data structures is not java specific but is a good knowledge tree to have as a programmer.

  • check out other people’s java projects on github/reddit, see if you understand what they’re doing, pick one you want to study and analyze it.

  • come up with a list of projects that you want to do regardless of language. Is java enough to tackle them alone? If not, what else do you have to learn?


thank you. so after learning these languages where do i go to build my own app for publication on appstore

If it’s for iOS apple provides information about what that route is like. If it’s android you can do it through google play. Each are easily found with a google search. Just follow the google/apple instructions.

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how please explain more

are you on whatsapp or any

for iOS development, Apple Books has a few nice books on the subject that are very complete. Just go to Apple Books and search for swift development

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  1. build app (with swift, java, etc) – this is the hard part
  2. search, how do i submit my app on … (insert google play or apple store)
  3. follow those steps.

i know how to submit
i mean where do i build the app

Really the hardest bit is the app creation. If you focus on that by the time you’re done the submitting part will be easy in comparison.

For swift, I think you’ll need apple’s Xcode. But maybe you want to write in objective-c or whatever they use, it’s up to you!
For java, maybe Android studio?

These are not the only languages you can write it in. But they are common ones.

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okay thanks man. i appreciate

are you on whatsapp. i wanna contact you

Unfortunately I can’t, but I’m happy to provide whatever support I can here.

okay no worries. thanks

okay no worries. thanks you