After-Codecademy? + extra questions

  1. I’m currently working on SQL, and only SQL-related courses and API courses are left. Having a 8 day vacation left, I think I can handle all SQL courses. I can upgrade to pro ver. and do some projects, but those are just extension of courses. What should I do to improve my coding skill?
  2. How do I change my Profile Pic?
  3. Where’s ‘Learn jQuery’ lesson? I heard it will be launched before September ends.

You can also not upgrade to Pro, and just the a project on your own. Yes, steep learning curve, but it will teach you problem solving and debugging.

on the main site you can change your profile picture, this should then also be displayed on the forum, this is currently not happening

Jquery seems to be part of JS course:

At the end, there is Jquery. That is (so far i know) currently the only Jquery taught at codecademy