Advice regards Web coding?


Hey there,

I am new to Code Academy since I have a upcoming new job and need to learn a code language I don’t know yet.

I will be responsible for the Web Design department of a health care organisation with over 11k employees with 60 other Developers I work with.

One of the questions I received in my oriented job meeting was of I did program Php.

I don’t do that but would love to learn it.

I saw Code Academy removed php last year so I am wondering which other languages are similar to php and I could start learning for the creation of Web design.

I also do wonder how to take these courses effectively on CA which to get started with and of there are any costs bound to it.

Hopefully I can find some help.


When someone says web design, i think front-end and visual design and layout. And google seems to agree with me on this matter (if you google: web design)

but PHP is a back-end language, so what you mean by web design seems to be more architectural design. The logic of the a web application.

The PHP course was hopelessly outdated, i am glad codecademy finally removed it.

What background do you already have in programming? And what will be your roll at this company? Management? If you can disclose this, please do, i can use it in my answer.


Thanks for your quick answers and interest to help.

I have a current knowledge of Lua programming, C++ and C#.

They want be to be responsible for Web sites and Web applications within the company. Maintenance but also the creation or optimisation of websites for there work places in which people with a handicap work and learn to count.

Some of there websites are outdated or don’t look professional anymore there I come in to help.

I have a background in WordPress Web design and created hundreds of websites for hundreds of customers.

Would this help you out with the answer?


Then i would just learn the technologies used within the company. And if that is PHP, you won’t gain much from codecademy

furthermore, if you already have experience in those 3 languages, PHP should be a piece of cake.