Advice re computer requirements for web technology/computer programming course

Hello, I am looking for advice. I have a Samsung NP-NC10 notebook computer, which runs quite well, although battery life is running low. It is atom processor with 1gb RM and 150 gb hard drive or thereabouts. My course will be a IT conversion degree (as I have degree in another area) and will last 1 year with 6 months work experience added. I was anxious that the computer requirements were that screen should be not less than 11 inch, preferably 13-15 inches. My screen is only 10.2 inches and recommended RAM 2-4 gb. I have new to coding although understand computers as have used them a lot in work situations and a long time ago did some basic programming after leaving school. Is my netbook going to be very difficult to use for programming? I’ve been given the go-ahead from the college, who said that as it’s my own and am used to it, that it’s acceptable although it is an underpowered computer and maybe slow. I spoke to a computer science graduate who advised that for that course my netbook should work fine and no need to get another (which I can’t afford). I don’t think it’s upgradable either. As I never did a computer science degree before, could someone advise what it’s really like and would I also use the college’s computers and just my own for practice?

What programming language are covered in this computer science class? You could install a really light weight linux distro ( i find that linux runs better on computers with 1gb ram then windows), which leaves processing power for compiling and other things. But the question is which language are covered. Isn’t it an option to try the computer science with your laptop first?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am not sure what languages, possibly HTML and CCS but as it’s a conversion course there maybe more, I won’t know until I start I guess. I have first meeting next week, so can ask and also suggest about using Linux instead of windows but I figure it’s better not to change to Linux without their advice. As mentioned, I did ask the department’s advice before xmas stating my netbook specifications and they said it would be acceptable. I never did computer science programme like this before, so was wondering if such courses involve using computer lab’s own computers also, or if it is purely our own laptops? Also if in the event of computer breakdown or malfunction, if alternative computer at college can be used. I guess these are questions I need to ask. Alternatively I can try sell my netbook and buy more powerful laptop, however my netbook is now considered outdated and a few other things that have made it unsellable, although I could try to privately sell it. Thanks for your advice. I’ve only just started on Codecacademy and find what I’ve learned so far really good - in JavaScript I’ve learned about writing script, length of script, booleans, arrays, colors, etc and is really good website to learn and practice.

If you can do codecademy, i think you can do this course as well. It might just take a little more time. Unless heavy graphics and threading are used, it should be fine. You could install linux alongside windows, given you have enough disk space

Thank you so much for your help. It’s really good. I hope once I get into it, I will gain a better understanding, and look forward to learning more.

Good luck with the CS course, if you have questions, you can ask, i can’t promise i have all the answers