Advice on Remote work

Hi guys,

I have been trying to break into remote work without much luck.
I have a background in CS - I do have a degree, but I have been out of the active workforce for some time.
I was a parent, now I substitute teach a lot. I am in kind of a backwoods area and the remote market has only really come to life.

I am finding it kinda of tough - I have mostly used Indeed. Maybe there’s a better venue?

I am in a tough spot because I am not a pup and I but I am not a senior developer either. : (
I have been using codecademy to refresh and learn some new things.
Anyone with good advice?

I’m sorry. I know it’s a difficult position to be in and one that is frustrating and sometimes demoralizing.

So…these are just some ideas:

  • Do you have a website with a portfolio of projects? Or, a GitHub account that features a bunch of projects? If not, I would highly recommend it. Pick things that interest you to showcase your skills. Potential employers want to see what you’ve done. Plus, then you can have something to discuss when you get an interview. You’ll have some experience even if it’s not ‘on the job’ experience. Experience is experience and we tend to devalue it if it’s not paid.
    Look into Github pages to create a site. You can also transfer a personal domain there. It’s all in their documentation.

  • if you’re on LinkedIn, look for tech groups or orgs that interest you–ML, Data Science, etc. etc. Many do post jobs, so, you never know. At its best, LinkedIn is supposed to be a professional site for well, professionals. But, it seems like ever since Microsoft bought it, they’ve “Facebookified” it. If you can get beyond that stuff, there are some really good groups that might help you with networking (I hate that word…so maybe swap it with connecting w/like-minded tech people who are working on projects or work for companies that interest you).

  • I don’t know what your resume/cv situation is, but maybe look into having it professionally re-written. If you’re paying someone at one of these companies they will match you up with someone from the same field, so you will get another developer or engineer who will tailor your resume for you (after talking to you about your experiences/interests).

  • there are job sites out there that are solely remote jobs (like remote dot co for ex). They’re out there…just search.

  • If it’s your thing, look on Meetup for local tech/engineering groups. Many have remote meetups b/c of the Pandemic and some have slowly transitioned back to in-person ones too.

  • there’s a site called “codementor”. You said you teach, so, maybe you can mentor younger developers(?) I don’t have any experience w/that site, but have considered it myself.
    If you ever need a code review or want to work with other CC learners, you can join the CC Discord server (click on “Chat” in the upper right). There are always people who want to pair program or need someone to review their code.

It’s not an exhaustive list of things to do…but it’s a start. Hopefully others can chime in too.


hi there…an a begginer in the tech carrrer and am looking for a mentor.from what have read from this reply is realy helpful and i will be delighted if you become my mentor.looking forward to hearing from you

We don’t have mentors here.

But, if you ever have coding questions or code bugs, be sure to search the forums for answers or post questions here or on the discord server.
There are lots of really helpful folks here.


Re- mentoring - I’m not sure where you are at, but I think you’re in the right place.
This site is a gift. The courses are really nice - the way they break the material down is fantastic and makes it easy to learn as you go. It’s nice to be able to pick up exactly where you left off. There’s a ton of good stuff.
Myself, I am looking forward to getting into some of the interview stuff.
I am a little on the busy side - maybe later I can do more posting. One of my goals was to try and make some connections, which is why I decided to put something up. It was a start.
Good luck!