Advice on meeting others here?

I’m super new to all of this, and I was hoping I could get some advice from a few people on here.

To start, my name is Sam. I’m a student in the US and this is my first time sitting down and really trying to learn how to code. I’m currently taking the course on Python 3. I’m not totally sure where I’ll go with this coding thing, but I’d probably do data science over web dev, and game development seems like a really cool option as well.

I want to get to know other people on the platform, find some people to learn from, as well as maybe make some friends. I know Codecademy has a discord server, but (despite people my age usually knowing all about that) I really don’t know how that works :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:. I’d totally be down to try it out, but I’m kinda nervous to give it a shot.

If anyone has any advice on getting to know people either here on the forums or especially through Discord, it’d be very much appreciated !! Thx